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Soho Settlers

Group of adults attending  Soho Settlers launch event

Soho Settlers is a Creative City project that features a new heritage walk and a series of audio stories and poems inspired by residents of Soho Road and Handsworth.

Individuals and community groups have been sharing their stories of migration during curated walks and memory workshops with Black Heritage Walks Network and digital creative writing company Overhear, whilst also considering their own connection to Handsworth’s rich cultural history.

The two-hour walk is an opportunity to explore Handsworth and experience one of Birmingham's super diverse communities from the beautiful, genuine perspective of the people that came to live there from around the world.

Local Handsworth groups have participated in Soho Settlers, including the Elder Ladies at the Nishkam Centre, Handsworth Cycling Club, Handsworth Library, Windrush Scandal compensation claimants, as well as local residents, with a special contribution from Soho Road Business Improvement District.

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