Our city's future

Firework display over the Alexander Stadium

Our legacy

In 2022, Birmingham erupted with a celebration of culture, sport, and unity. Our vibrant and diverse city flourished on the world stage, showcasing our great city. While we respectfully reflected on an unprecedented period of mental and physical hardship, the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games provided a platform to present the very best of the people who made our villages, towns, and cities the beating heart of this great country.

We surprised the world and showed everyone we were a city of makers, of kind hearts, and never-quitters. We showed you an array of cultures, faiths, and history. We welcomed the opportunities hosting a global event like the Games afforded individuals, communities, and businesses to flourish. We used this event to recharge, rise, grow, and succeed, advancing our ambition for a fair and thriving region for all.

Achieving a legacy was important for every global sporting event; for Birmingham and the West Midlands, that legacy was underway. The Games was a significant milestone in the world's road to recovery. It was a moment of reflection, celebration, and inspiration.

Beyond 11 days of sport, this was a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reconnect. From improved active travel and infrastructure to renewed partnerships and community involvement. We ensured the Games left Birmingham with legacies for years to come.

It was time for us to step out of the shadows and to Be Bold, Be Birmingham.