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Rectory Amateur Boxing Club

A man producing the Boxer Beat video in a recording studio

Club members aged 10 and above explored music and boxing by working with musicians who directly used the rhythm of the boxers to create them their own individual tune, achieved by being synchronized to their tempo while training and boxing.

The boxers participating in the project had the chance to participate in creating their own 'tune' and learn new skills from the musicians (and film makers) in the process.

Volunteering to help to get the project done was openly encouraged within the club and opportunities to learn new skills such as recording, musical production and film editing were offered throughout the collaboration.

The musicians taking part were offered the opportunity to train and take part in the boxing sessions to experience the 'cross over' between music and boxing themselves.

The project was filmed and played at a special event at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall. The finished film shows a simple journey of how rhythm plays an important part in the way people approach to seemingly unrelated things - music and boxing.

Watch the video below.