Stronger communities

Stronger communities was a project that utilised an allocation of £500,000 from the council’s £6million Commonwealth Games Community Fund.

Following engagement and consultation with communities on our approach to community cohesion and tackling inequalities, a range of activities were identified in collaboration with Birmingham Voluntary Service Council (BVSC).

Collaboration with local organisations saw the below schemes:

  1. A city connected by inclusive heritage trails – Local organisations provided ideas/photos/videos for trails, in addition to supplying volunteers to act as navigators around the trail.
  2. We made Birmingham – Local organisations worked with local communities to gather narratives about living and working in Birmingham, as well as identifying people from their localities who had interesting stories to tell.
  3. Getting Communities Talking – Local organisations demonstrated their ability to recruit and work with women from diverse backgrounds who have been marginalised and have difficulty engaging with others.
  4. Birmingham Peace Garden proposal – The development of a programme of commemoration and celebration events that coincided with the Games, working with the community on long-term plans for the improvement of the site.
  5. Inspiring future leaders – A development programme was developed to help grow and inspire future educators and leaders from under-represented groups across the range of leadership positions in the Birmingham education sector.

We are proud of how we were able to support people in all parts of the Proud Host City embrace the Games.