My Bold Birmingham


Angelina Asini (age 15)

Angelina was inspired by the amalgamation of art and culture that thrives in Birmingham – especially the music and the places that make Birmingham such a unique and incredible city. For this piece, she also took inspiration from her own background and multicultural upbringing.

Oliver Thorn (age 16)

Oliver’s artwork was created to capture the varying identities of the people in Birmingham, and how everyone comes together to form one great community. He was inspired by the Commonwealth Games’ representation of culture and how the city has come together to make everyone feel included for the celebrations.

Aidan Islam (age 7)

Aidan was born in London but has lived in Birmingham since he was six months old. He loves going into Birmingham city centre and seeing the Bull at the Bullring, and this piece of artwork represents that. The bull is comforting to him and is a symbol of home and happiness.