Benefits for the community

Aspiring Birmingham

Local residents lining the Queen's Baton Route and waving Commonwealth Games flags

Bringing people together

The Games offered every child and young person a once-in-a-lifetime chance to expand their horizons and be inspired by the Commonwealth Games. Learning activities for schools, grassroots community youth provision and youth social action opportunities all come together to create an exciting and inspiring programme of activity and engagement for young people across Birmingham. We worked with our partners to deliver projects that widened knowledge, improved access to sport and exercise, helped boost confidence and resilience, and helped children and young people acquire new skills.

Birmingham is a diverse, welcoming, and inclusive place and the Games celebrated our distinct identity and personality with the world. We enabled local people and communities to participate in the Games in a way that built cohesion, inclusion, and civic pride and used the Games as a turning point in uniting the city’s population and tackling inequalities.