Alexander Stadium

Alexander Stadium development

Artist impression of Alexander Stadium

The Alexander Stadium will host the opening and closing ceremony as well as athletics competitions. The £72 million upgrade will enhanced facilities for the local community during, and after the Commonwealth Games.

What is the Alexander Stadium?

The Alexander Stadium has provided a focal point for athletics on a regional, national and international level since the old stadium opened in 1976.

What event(s) will be held at the Alexander Stadium during the games and when?

The redeveloped stadium will provide a venue for the Commonwealth Games athletics competition, as well as the event’s opening and closing ceremonies. Forthe Commonwealth Games, additional temporary infrastructure will be installed at the stadium and in the neighbouring Perry Park. This includes additional temporary seating to accommodate around 30,000 spectators, a spectator plaza, compounds for media broadcast, ceremonies and operations, and a bus mall. This temporary infrastructure will then be removed after the Games.

How many spectators are expected?

During the Commonwealth Games, the Alexander Stadium will accommodate around 30,000 spectators.

How is the Alexander Stadium benefitting from hosting a Games event?

The Alexander Stadium is currently undergoing a £72 million upgrade. The improvements will provide enhanced facilities for the local community and existing tenants to use for generations to come and will establish a new teaching base for Birmingham City University. The redevelopment will also make the venue the largest facility of its kind in the UK, giving Birmingham a golden opportunity to reaffirm its claim to be the national home of athletics.

The improved Alexander Stadium will see its permanent capacity increased by over 5,000 seats to 18,000, enabling more spectators to watch inspirational events unfold. Key features include:

  • A new west stand replacing the Main, Knowles and Nelson stands;
  • A new 400m 6-lane warm up track and re-laying of a new IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) Category 1 track (400m 9-lane competition standard track);
  • Improved public realm and parking provision, with additional landscaping and signage; and
  • Installation of new stadium lighting and a practice throwing field.

The construction works began in May 2020 and are scheduled for completion in April 2022.

How is the local community benefitting?

The Alexander Stadium Redevelopment intends to create a legacy asset that the city and its residents can be truly proud of. The enhanced stadium will provide excellent new facilities and activity programmes which can be enjoyed by members of the local community. These facilities include:

  • A new stadium bowl and surrounding areas which can be used to host sporting, cultural and music events.
  • A new warm up track and infield.
  • New conferencing and catering facilities.

These improvements will contribute to the health and wellbeing of the local community, by providing direct access to leisure facilities, and creating a vibrant community destination which will bring people together.

The redevelopment will also provide an enhanced and safer environment, through provision of new planting and seating areas, additional lighting and signage, and improved accessibility within the stadium site, and to the wider area.

It is hoped that the Stadium redevelopment will also be a catalyst for wider change; helping to increase visitor numbers, drive job creation, strengthen local skills, and encourage further development and investment that will deliver even greater benefits for the community.