Projects between £1,001 and £5,000

Financial criteria

Typically, we will award grants to:

  • voluntary-led organisations with charitable aims
  • registered charities and charitable incorporated organisations
  • social enterprises
  • community interest groups and companies
  • companies limited by guarantee that have charitable aims
  • schools

We cannot support:

  • For profit businesses
  • National programmes without a specific benefit to Birmingham
  • Projects that are based outside of Birmingham
  • Projects within a ward that doesn’t have a Ward Plan
  • Projects which have already taken place or items purchased prior to or during a grant application
  • Unspecified expenditure for general appeals or fund-raising events/activities
  • Requests to build reserves
  • Funding for Statutory obligations
  • Political activities

To be eligible you should have:

  • A management committee (the people who are responsible and make decisions) of a minimum of three unrelated people
  • A signed constitution (or set of rules)
  • A bank account in the name of your group which requires two signatories / dual authorisation.
  • A Financial Policy (a document which lays out how you manage money and payments)
  • If you work with children, young people or vulnerable adults you must have a Safeguarding Policy.
  • All proposals must comply with the appropriate Covid-19 regulations and guidelines at the time of the project or event.

Important note:

Small and new groups which are not constituted may apply under the umbrella of another group which will act as a fund holder for the grant. All applications will need a statement from a sponsor. A sponsor could be one of the Neighbourhood Network Schemes, Early Help Voluntary Sector Leads, Birmingham Voluntary Service Council or a local formally constituted community organisation. Groups can also collaborate and apply as ‘collectives’ if there is added benefit for the local community.