Information for traders and businesses

The Birmingham Commonwealth Games Act 2020 provides a small number of temporary, essential operational measures to ensure a successful Games, and is similar to legislation from previous major multi-sport events in the UK, including the London Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012 and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The Games Act includes provisions to restrict:

  • unauthorised association with the Games;
  • unauthorised advertising and trading in and around Games locations and their vicinities; and
  • ticket touting.

These measures are designed to help protect the rights of Games sponsors by seeking to deter ambush marketing in and around Games locations; ensuring a consistent celebratory look and feel across Games locations and ensure spectators can move to and from Games locations easily and safely.

Download the guidance on the right of association

Further detail on the advertising and trading restrictions, including where and when the measures will apply, will be set out in regulations and guidance published later in the year. The measures will be time-limited and aim to be proportionate and minimise disruption to legitimate existing businesses. The regulations will include a number of exceptions to assist in this respect. DCMS has published its response to the consultation on proposed exceptions.

If you are a trader, business, advertiser, media owner or developer operating in an area where the restrictions apply, there are certain regulatory measures stemming from the Games Act that may affect you.

In addition to the Games Act, you may also be required to comply with measures relating to venue licensing and accreditation and general enforcement of legislation including building regulations, fire safety, food safety and environmental health.